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There is a fascination about fossils,

that when viewed for the first time it may transport the viewer to a completely different world; where all sorts of wondrous creatures lived and breathed.  By recreating these fossil pictures John House hopes to inspire the viewers imagination, to think about these alternative worlds not just of the past but of fantasy and futuristic worlds through his Fossilart. 

inspiring imaginations

The format starts with a brief introduction of what inspires me to do my art and what fossils are, I usually show some examples of my artwork and my own collection of fossils and pictures. I try to explain the fact that fossils are not just from the past but continue to form to this day.

During the party, each child will get the opportunity to make their own fossil. Using a pre made pallet the children are asked to make a fossil image using various natural items from sticks, seeds, berries, bark, nuts and more.

As the glue sets there are options to either have a demonstration of how fossils are made or create a cave painting. Once the glue is set, the work gets painted. Whilst waiting for the paint to dry the children have the opportunity to look at some real fossils and try to match them to the model dinosaurs. To finish, sand is added to the fossils to finish and complete the work.


Minimum £50 per 5 children - extra children @ £6 per head

Maximum of 15 in a class

John House Fossil ArtThe children thoroughly enjoyed their session with John. They found the activities interesting and engaging - a real sense of awe and wonder!

Mrs Gooch and Mrs Davidson

What the Children Say...

  • "It was awesome!"
  • "Can we do this again?"
  • "I'm going to show my mum how to do this at home."
  • "I'm putting mine on my bedroom wall!"
  • "I can't believe we made a Pterodactyl out of twigs!"
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