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About John House Fossil Art Classes

Conforms to the National Curriculum - Ideal for schools and home education groups

fossil art partiesinspiring imaginations

The format starts with a brief introduction of what inspires me to do my art and what fossils are, I usually show some examples of my artwork and my own collection of fossils and pictures. I try to explain the fact that fossils are not just from the past but continue to form to this day.

The Classes

Using a pre made pallet students are asked to make their own fossil image using various natural items.sticks seeds berries bark nuts etc. As the glue sets there are two options:

1) To have a visual demonstration on how fossils are created.
2) To create a cave painting on a pre prapared pallet infused               
with sand to look like rock.

Once the glue has set the work is painted. Whilst waiting for the paint to dry the students have the opportunity to look at some real fossils and try to match them to the model dinosaurs. Finally sand is added to the image to finish the work.

Cave Art

In this class pupils learn how cave men made their own paints and a talk on prehistoric art

1) Each pupil is given a morse and pessal and a variety of coloured chalks as a substitute for minerals and some charcoal
2) They then have to grind the chalks and charcoal to powder
3) They then add vegetable oil to produce a paint
4) Using a pre prepared tablet they can draw a image on it and use their own prepared paint to add colour

woodland art

In this class pupils get to see examples of my art plus pictures of my woodland sculptures.

They are then encouraged to forage for their own woodland materials and create their own works of art with my advise.

All classes are around a hour long and cost £6 per head

John House Fossil ArtJohn’s enthusiasm, knowledge and skill about fossils and things pre-historic sparked a real interest in our pupils. The sessions supported our classroom based learning and inspired pupils to take their own learning further. Creating their own palaeontology palette of the past was immense fun and fused art and science in an original way- highly recommended

Peter Herbert Head teacher Moordown St. John’s CE Primary School

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